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Prof. Dr. Sebastian Hensel

Mathematics Institute, University of Munich
Theresienstr. 39
D-80333 Munich


Tel:   +49 (0)89   2180 4448
Office: room 318, 3rd floor

Geometry and Topology Group


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  • Bachelor Theses
    I am happy to supervise Bacheror theses. If you are interested, please contact me by email or after one of my classes.
  • Master Theses
    I am currently accepting Masters students for topics in geometry and topology. Usually, if you are interested in writing a thesis with me, you should have taken at least one seminar or course with me.

Winter semester 2019/20

Summer semester 2019

  • Geometry Oberseminar
    Information on the Geometry Oberseminar can be found here.

  • Riemannian Geometry
    This is a continuation of the differentiable manifolds course from last semester.

    The Nachklausur will be on October 4, 9-12, in room B138.
    The results of the Nachklausur are here.

    For preparation, here is the original exam, with solution sketches.

    A script, containing the material covered up to now, can be found here. An outlook containing material that will be covered in upcoming lecture is here. This latter document is likely full of mistakes and incomplete.

    Problem sets:

  • Mapping class groups and low-dimensional topology
    This is an introduction to mapping class groups and related topics. I will assume familiarity with manifolds, but not much more.

    A preliminary script, containing new material and (slowly) also older material, can be found here

    Tuesday, June 15, from 2-4, in room B252 there will be an extra class (since the course had to be cancelled once).

Winter semester 2018/19

  • Differentiable Manifolds

    The Einsicht (a chance to look at your exam) will happen Thursday, May 2, 10-11 am in room B336 (the TMP meeting room).

    The lecture script can be found here.
    The notes for Robert Hellings lectures are here: Physics and exterior derivatives, More on connections, and physics outlook.
    This is a brief summary of important homework problems (and a solution of problem 10.2c).
    A solution to Problems 2 and 3 of the exam. Solutions for the make-up-exam will be published shortly.