Department Mathematik



Partial Differential Equations I

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Bachmann

Assistant: Dr. Soneji

Marker: Leo Gebauer (email:

Dates: Winter Semester 2014/15

Details about the exam (UPDATED):

Details about the exam, including how to sign-up, may be found on this webpage.

Deadline for signing up is 1200 (noon) 22nd January.

Course synopsis and summaries:

For a synopsis of the course, click here.

For a summary of what has been covered in the lectures so far, click here.

Times and Locations

Lectures: Monday 12-14, Thursday 12-14, Room HS B 006

Classes (Zentraluebungen): Wednesday 8-10, Room HS B 006

Tutorials (Tutorium): There are two tutorial sessions available
Wednesday 10-12, Room HS B 040
Thursday 8-10, Room HS B 041

Problem Sheets:

Please hand in solutions into Box 17, 1st floor (near the library).
Deadline for handing in is 0800 Wednesday.

Problem Sheet 1
Problem Sheet 2
Problem Sheet 3
Problem Sheet 4
Problem Sheet 5
Problem Sheet 6
Problem Sheet 7
Problem Sheet 8
Problem Sheet 9
Problem Sheet 10 (and some extra "holiday problems")
Problem Sheet 11
Problem Sheet 12
Problem Sheet 13

Tutorial Sheets:

Tutorial 1
Tutorial 2
Tutorial 3
Tutorial 4
Tutorial 5
Tutorial 6
Tutorial 7
Tutorial 8
Tutorial 9
Tutorials 10 and 11
Tutorial 12
Tutorial 13
Tutorial 14

Solutions to Problem Sheets:

Problem Sheet 1 Solutions
Problem Sheet 2 Solutions
Problem Sheet 3 Solutions
Problem Sheet 4 Solutions
Problem Sheet 5 Solutions
Problem Sheet 6 Solutions
Problem Sheet 7 Solutions
Problem Sheet 8 Solutions
Problem Sheet 9 Solutions
Problem Sheet 10 Solutions
Problem Sheet 11 Solutions
Problem Sheet 12 Solutions
Problem Sheet 13 Solutions


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