Mathematical Statistical Physics

Summer Term 2016

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Prof. Dr. Belén Paredes
room B 327
Prof. Dr. Peter Pickl
room B 208
Lukas Nickel
room B 303
Carlos Garcia Velasco
room B 337


The grades are online in the Exam section below. The certificates ("Scheine") for those who passed the exam are ready and can be fetched in the office of Prof. Paredes. A solution sketch of the math part of the exam can be found below, too.



Thu 12:30-14:05

B 004


Fr 12:15-14:00

B 004

Exercise group A

Fr 14-16 c.t.

B 004

Exercise group B

Mo 16-18 c.t.

B 006
For your information, there will be physics weeks and math weeks according to the following schedule:
Week Lecturer
April 21, 22 Prof. Pickl (math part)
April 28, 29 Prof. Paredes (physics part)
May 6 Prof. Pickl (math part)
May 12, 13 Prof. Paredes (physics part)
May 19, 20 Prof. Paredes (physics part)
May 27 Prof. Pickl (math part)
June 2, 3 Prof. Pickl (math part)
June 9, 10 Prof. Paredes (physics part)
June 16, 17 Prof. Paredes (physics part)
June 23, 24 Prof. Pickl (math part)
June 30, July 1 Prof. Pickl (math part)
July 7, 8 Prof. Pickl (math part)
July 14, 15 Prof. Paredes (physics part)


Here we will publish the exercise sheets.
Sheet Discussed
Math Sheet 1 April 22 and 25
Math Sheet 2 April 29 and May 2
Math Sheet 3 May 13 and May 18
Physics Sheet 1 May 27 and May 30
Math Sheet 4 June 3 and June 6
Math Sheet 5 June 10 and June 13
Physics Sheet 2 June 17 and June 20
Physics Sheet 3 June 24 and July 11
Math Sheet 6 July 1 and July 4
Math Sheet 7 July 8 and July 11, 12-14 in B004
Physics Sheet 4 July 15 and July 18
Recommended reading: (Herbert Spohn on the Boltzmann equation and irreversibility)
Solution sketch of sheet 7 (small mistake in solution of problem 3d, does not matter)


There will be a written exam on July 22, beginning at 12:00 in room B005. (if there should not be enough space, then also in B006). Please don't come late, be there at least 10 minutes before noon so we can start in time! The exam will have a duration of 3 hours with same weight on math part and on physics part. You may bring all notes and material related to the physics part only. We will check that you use no material for the math part. You will also need your student ID and a passport (Personalausweis or similar) for identification.
Here you find the Solution Sketch of the math part of the exam.

The results of the exam with grades are online here! You needed 24.5 of 60 points to pass. If you did not pass the exam and have at least 10 points in the physics part, you may take an oral make-up exam for the math part. (You can only improve in the math part). For details, please contact me (Lukas) via email or come to my office B303. The Scheine (certificates) for those who passed are ready and can be fetched in Prof. Paredes' office.
Many of you have not written a pseudonym on their exam, so I couldn't publish their result here. Those people may come to my office or write me an email.