Honorary Colloquium on Occasion of Wilfried Buchholz' 60th Birthday

On April 4 and 5, 2008, the Mathematical Institute of the University of Munich had an honorary colloquium and workshop on occasion of Wilfried Buchholz' 60th Birthday.

Photos of the event.
Some more photos were taken of (most of) the speakers.

Invited Speakers

Contributed talks

These talks have been contributed following an open call.

Dates and Times

The colloquium and workshop will started Friday, April 4, 2008 at 3.45pm and continued through the whole of Saturday. An optional joint breakfast was held on Sunday morning. It will took place in the mathematical institute in Theresienstraße 39.

The schedule and the final version of the conference leaflet are available online.


Since the event is over, there is no point in registering any more. We had a walk-in registration. Nevertheless, we did appreciate if you could announce your participation by sending an email to one of Klaus Aehlig, Markus Latte, and Albert Ziegler.

There is no registration fee. However, in order to finance the coffee breaks, a cookie fee of about 15 Euro, which also includes the breakfast on Sunday, was be payable in cash on the spot.

Andreas Abel, Klaus Aehlig, Ryota Akiyoshi, Luca Alberucci, Matthias Baaz, Sebastian Bauer, Arnold Beckmann, Ulrich Berger, Peter Berry, Wilfried Buchholz, Marco Denini, Birgit Elbl, Simon Huber, Gerhard Jäger, Herman Ruge Jervell, Franz-Viktor Kuhlmann, Markus Latte, Hans Leiß, Grisha Mints, Karl-Heinz Niggl, Peter Päppinghaus, Wolfram Pohlers, Dieter Probst, Florian Ranzi, Michael Rathjen, Peter Schuster, Helmut Schwichtenberg, Monika Seisenberger, Anton Setzer, Daria Spescha, Nik Sultana, Stan Wainer, Albert Ziegler, and Wolfgang Zuber participated in the Colloquium and Workshop.


For more information please feel free to contact one of Klaus Aehlig, Markus Latte, and Albert Ziegler.
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