Mathematical Statistical Physics II

Winter Term 2016/17

Position Name Room
Professor Prof. Dr. Peter Pickl B 208
Assistent Aaron Schaal B 416

In the class it will be shown, how effective descriptions can be derived for many body systems with mathematical rigor. Most approaches that shall be introduced are very modern and can be directly connected to actual research topics. We will start with quantum systems and derive nonlinear Schrödinger equations from first principles. Also systems in second quantizetion shall be adressed and the connection between quantised field and classical field be made clear with mathematical rigor. Leter we will adress classical and biological models.


Oral Exams

If you need a certificate/"Schein", please send an email to and in order to fix the date for your oral exam. Please propose several dates in your email. Please fill out a certificate by yourself and bring it to the exam.


Type Date Room
Lecture Thursday 12:30-14:00 s.t. B 004
Lecture Friday 12:30-14:00 s.t. B 004
Exercise Session Friday 14-16 c.t. B 004