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Exercises in
Functional Analysis, summer 2014

This site provides informations and materials on the exercise and tutorial sessions
complementing the lecture course Functional Analysis held by
Prof. Dr. Peter Müller.


13.10.2014 This site will no longer be updated.
07.10.2014 The make-up exam is marked. You can view your results here (use the username "student" and the password provided after the exam). There will be no fixed date for an exam review, instead you can take a look at your exam at the office of Andreas Groh until the end of this week.
29.09.2014 The make-up exam on Thursday will be from 9:30 to 11:30 in the rooms B 004 and B 006. Please make sure to arrive before 9:20. Whether you will be in B 004 or B 006 will be displayed on the doors.
11.08.2014 The exam review will take place on Monday, 25.8.2014, at 14:00 in B 349.
05.08.2014 Due to organizational issues we have to postpone the exam review ("Klausureinsicht") to the week starting at the 25th of August (a precise date will be announced soon). Hopefully this will also fit those students better who previously asked for another date.
29.07.2014 You can find your results here (leave the username empty and use the password provided during the exam).
15.07.2014 The exam next Tuesday will be from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. in the rooms B 051 and B 052. Please make sure to arrive before 9:20. Whether you will be in B 051 or B 052 will be displayed on the doors.
09.07.2014 Many of you asked when, whether and which results of the exams will be submitted: Due to the process on how grades are processed in the examination offices, we have to submit your results of each exam separately. Thus, even if you don't pass the upcoming exam on July 22, your result will be submitted and registered. We therefore encourage everyone to be serious about the main exam, rather than relying on the make-up exam.
08.07.2014 The deadline has been postponed: Register until Thursday, 10th of July, if you want to participate in the exam.
03.07.2014 The statement in E50(ii) part b) has been corrected (pointwise convergence is 'for all x in A').
02.07.2014 If you want to participate in the exam and didn't register already, then please do so until this Sunday.
24.06.2014 We have updated the information regarding the exam.
04.06.2014 There will be no tutorial sheet this week, since most of this week's tutorial sessions are cancelled due to holidays. This week's thursday tutorial groups will have the opportunity to catch up by discussing last week's tutorial sheet, if not done yet (Group D is cancelled, Group E will take place).
30.05.2014 A mistake in the hint to E30(i) was corrected (regarding the application of Stone-Weierstraß).
28.05.2014 A solution to E24 can be found here.
21.05.2014 Here you can find a solution to E17, since it hasn't been discussed in class.
30.04.2014 A hint has been added to E16.
14.04.2014 Since there are no classes from Thursday of this week until Tuesday of next week, there won't be a tutorial sheet this week as well. The second homework assignment (due: Wednesday of next week) will be posted this Wednesday though.
09.04.2014 Please note that the tutorials will start tomorrow, Thursday Apr 10th.
09.04.2014 You can now register for the exercise and tutorial sessions.
01.04.2014 The first lecture takes place on Tuesday (April 8) from 10 to 12. The exercise sessions will start on Thursday (April 10). In the first and second week, the assignment discussions will be replaced by lectures, i.e. there will be additional lectures on April 9th and 16th from 12 to 14 in B 006 (in order to compensate for skipped lectures due to holidays). The lectures on Tuesdays and Thursdays will take place regularly.

Registration (important!)

You have to register separately for the exercise classes and for the exam. Please note that the registration for the exercises is not mandatory as a requirement for participation in the finals, but if you skip the exercises (or the exercise sessions) then you won't be able to get the bonus towards your grade (as is described below). On the other hand, if you want to go to the tutorial and exercise sessions and/or you want to hand in your solutions then please register as soon as the registration is available.

In the process of registration for the exercises you may choose one out of five dates (see the schedule). Take your time in choosing the correct group, since you won't be able to change it afterwards by yourself. If you just want to do the weekly homework assignments without participating in the tutorial sessions, then please choose group X. This will help keeping the number of registered students that never attend classes at a minimum, while freeing up the slots for those who really want to come.

Please register here for the exercise classes and/or the exam (i.e. two registrations are needed if you want to participate in both).

The data submitted during the process of registration will be kept private and won't be published at any time.


Please find times and places of the weekly exercise sessions in the following chart.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
8 – 10
Ex. Session B
Christoph Kehle
B 132
Ex. Session D
Anton Samojlow
B 252
10 – 12
Prof. P. Müller
B 051
Prof. P. Müller
B 051
12 – 14
Ex. Session A
Sebastian Zell
B 133
Ex. Session C
Andreas Groh
B 047
Assignment Discussion
Sebastian Gottwald
B 006
Ex. Session E
Felix Liebrich
B 133
Holidays. April 17 and 22, May 1 and 29, June 10 and 19 are holidays, which means that the corresponding lectures will have to be skipped.


Problems in class
Wed, Apr 09
Assignment 1
Wed, Apr 16, 12:00
Tutorial Sheet 1
Wed, Apr 16
Assignment 2
Wed, Apr 23, 12:00
Tutorial Sheet 2
Wed, Apr 23
Assignment 3
Wed, Apr 30, 12:00
Tutorial Sheet 3
Wed, Apr 30
Assignment 4
Wed, May 07, 12:00
Tutorial Sheet 4
Wed, May 07
Assignment 5
Wed, May 14, 12:00
Tutorial Sheet 5
Wed, May 14
Assignment 6
Wed, May 21, 12:00
Tutorial Sheet 6
Wed, May 21
Assignment 7
Wed, May 28, 12:00
Tutorial Sheet 7
Wed, May 28
Assignment 8
Wed, June 04, 12:00
Tutorial Sheet 8
Wed, June 04
Assignment 9
Wed, June 11, 12:00
Tutorial Sheet 9
Wed, June 11
Assignment 10
Wed, June 18, 12:00
Tutorial Sheet 10
Wed, June 18
Assignment 11
Wed, June 25, 12:00
Tutorial Sheet 11
Wed, June 25
Assignment 12
Wed, July 2, 12:00
Tutorial Sheet 12
Wed, July 2
Assignment 13
Wed, July 9, 12:00
Tutorial Sheet 13

Solutions (of exercises not discussed in class): E17, E24.

Homework assignments. The homework is published every Wednesday and is due to the Wednesday of the following week at 12:00 sharp. Please hand in your solutions (labeled with your name and group) to the dedicated box near the library. You will receive your marked sheets in the exercise sessions one week later. Solutions to the assignments will be primarily discussed in the general tutorial class on Wednesdays from 12:15 to 14:00.

Problems in class. These problem sets are designed to be solved in the exercise sessions. They are supposed to be shorter than the homework assignments, but will most likely contain some key ideas that are important by themselves or may help solving the homework. You are not supposed to hand in your solutions to these exercises. Instead they will be discussed in class, where you will have the chance to actively engage. By doing so, you meet one of the three requirements for the bonus to your final grade (see below).

Bonus. You will improve your final grade by 0.3 if the following requirements are met: you passed the exam AND you got at least 50% of the total number of points in the exercises AND you have actively participated in the exercise sessions (and you don't have 1.0 in the exam, since there is no 0.7).


The final exam will take place on July 22nd 2014 from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. in the rooms B 051 and B 052. Don't forget to bring your student identity card together with a photographic ID card.

Covered topics. The exam may cover everything discussed in the lecture except for the very last week (in contrast to the make-up exam, see below).

Cheat sheet. You are allowed to bring one sheet of handwritten notes (DIN A4, two-sided, not copied) with you.

Registration. The registration is closed.

Make-Up Exam. There will be a make-up exam on 2.10.2014 from 9:30 to 11:30, but ONLY for those who registered for the first exam, showed up at the first exam and handed in a solution which was insufficient for passing the first exam. If you registered for the first exam but could not show up for reason of illness you have to hand in a medical certificate ("ärztliches Attest”) at the earliest date possible in order to be admitted for the make-up exam. Note that the make-up exam may cover everything discussed in the lectures, including the last week of the semester, which could not be discussed in the exercise and tutorial sessions.


The lectures are held by Prof. Dr. Peter Müller.

Assistants. The exercise and tutorial sessions are organized by Sebastian Gottwald and Andreas Groh. You can find our office hours on our websites.

Tutors/Markers. Don't hesitate to ask questions during the exercise sessions. If you want to contact your tutor during the week, you can find his mail address below.

Token Marker E-Mail
CK Christoph Kehle
FL Felix Liebrich
AS Anton Samojlow
SZ Sebastian Zell