Welcome to the lecture Differentiable Manifolds

WiSe 2016/17

Prof. Dr. Ivo Sachs and Prof. Dr. Thomas Vogel


Dr. Tomas Prochazka and Dr. Stephan Stadler

Current information

We have finished grading the exam and the retake exam.


Tue 10-12 pm, Thu 10-12 pm Theresienstr. 39, room B 005.

Here is a short script summarizing the material covered by the lecture so far. It will possibly be updated weekly.

Exercise classes

In addition to the lecture there will be weekly exercise classes.

Every Tuesday we will hand out an exercise sheet which is due to the subsequent Tuesday, 2 pm. The graded sheets will be returned one week later in the exercise classes. There we will discuss the posed problems and their solutions. Besides the written solutions we expect students to present their work at the blackboard.

Handing in exercise sheets

Please write on every exercise sheet your name, your matriculation number and the number of exercise class. The letter boxes for this lecture are located in the first floor in the math department. There are two boxes assigned to different exercise classes. Please throw your sheet in the designated box, otherwise grading cannot be guaranteed.


  • Date for the exam: Wednesday, Febuary 15, 2017, 12-4 pm in room B138 (Theresienstr. 39).
  • Date for the retry exam: WednesdayApril 26, 2017 8-10 am in B052
Note: You can come to the retry exam without attending the first exam. Also: No cheat sheets, pocket calculators, etc. You need only a pencil.


Sheet 12 contained a mistake, the metric on G has to be bi-invariant, not only left-invariant. Sorry for that.
Semesterwoche Hausaufgaben
Week 1 sheet 1
Week 2 sheet 2
Week 3 sheet 3
Week 4 sheet 4
Week 5 sheet 5
Week 6 sheet 6
Week 7 sheet 7
Week 8 sheet 8
Week 9 sheet 9
Week 10 sheet 10
Week 11 sheet 11
Week 12 sheet 12
Week 13 sheet 13
Week 14 sheet 14
Revision Exercises

Exercise classes

Übungsgruppe Zeit Ort Leiter
1 Tue 4 - 6 pm B 047 Tomas Prochazka

We 12 - 2 pm

B 005 Tomas Prochazka
3 Mi 2 - 4 pm B 006 Stephan Stadler
4 Do 12 - 2 pm B 251 Stephan Stadler


L. Conlon: Differentiable manifolds, Birkhäuser, 2001. .

K. Jänich: Vektoranalysis, Springer, 2005.