Introduction to Bohmian Mechanics

Summer term 2016 with Prof. Dr. D. Dürr

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Prof. Dr. Detlef Dürr
Room B-214
Robin Schlenga
Room B-304

Office hours: just come by


  • July 26: Those of you who handed in a Schein form can pick it up at B304. If you have not given me a Schein form, you can bring one any time, but you are going to have to wait for some weeks until it will be signed and stamped.
  • July 11: The results of the exam are to be found on the bottom of the page if you have supplied a psuedonym. Otherwise, there will be a printout in front of room B304.
  • May 23: The exercise session today is cancelled due to illness. A sample solution will be uploaded here.
  • May 16: Both Monday, May 16 and Tuesday, May 17 are free. There is no exercise sheet to be discussed May 16.
  • May 2: Thursday, May 5, is a holiday and thus there will be no lecture.
  • April 11: Lectures start on Tuesday, April 12, where all organisational topics will be discussed.


Tuesday 16-18

Thursday 16-18
Theresienstr. 37 - A-027

Theresienstr. 39 - B-004
Monday 14-16
Theresienstr. 37 - A-027

Suggested Reading and other Material:

Prof. Dürr wrote an introductory book on Bohmian Mechanics (in English), which also covers classical mechanics and electromagnetism:
  • Dürr, Teufel: Bohmian Mechanics - The Physics and Mathematics of Quantum Theory, Springer
There is also an older, german version:
  • Dürr: Bohmsche Mechanik als Grundlage der Quantenmechanik, Springer
Both books can be found in the library.
There are a couple of videos about Bohmian Mechanics, produced by current and former members of our work group; as well as various lectures: Schrödinger's paper with the famous cat paradox: The website of the research community on Bohmian Mechanics offers several videos, simulations and lots of reading material: Schrödinger's essay on irreversibility, contains James' prison story. The paper by Ward Struyve proving the uniqueness of the equivariant measure in Bohmian mechanics.

Exercise Sheets and Tutorials

Exercises started on Monday, April 25.
  • Sheet 1 - Discussion April 25.
  • Sheet 2 Updated version Monday, April 25 16:30! - Discussion May 2.
  • Sheet 3 - Discussion May 9.
  • Sheet 4 Updated version Wednesday, May 18 19:00! - Discussion June 6.
  • Sheet 5 - Discussion May 30.
  • Sheet 6 - Discussion June 13.
  • Sheet 7 - Discussion June 20.
  • Sheet 8 - Discussion June 27.


The exam has been marked. Please find your result in this list (pdf) if you supplied a pseudonym. Otherwise, please contact the assistant directly or check the printout in front of room B304. You are allowed to take a look at your exam, just send an email to the assistant.
The exam takes place during the time and at the place of the lecture on Thursday, July 7. You are allowed to bring your notes. Please be on time.