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[B1] L. Diening, P. Hästo, P. Harjulehto, M. Ruzicka: Lebesgue and Sobolev spaces with variable exponents, Springer Lecture Notes, vol. 2017, Springer-Verlag, Berlin 2011. Download complete preprint (PDF), Final version from Springer.

All Publications

[65] S. Dahlke, L.. Diening, C. Hartmann, B. Scharf, M. Weimar: Besov regularity of solutions to the p-Poisson equation Submitted. 2014. arXiv preprint.
[64] D. Breit, L. Diening, L. Berselli: Convergence Analysis for a Finite Element Approximation of a Steady Model for Electrorheological Fluids. Submitted. 2014. arXiv preprint.
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[60] H. Abels, L. Diening, Y. Terasawa: Existence of weak solutions for a diffuse in- terface model of power-law type two-phase flows. International Conference on Mathematical Fluid Dynamics on the occation of Professor Yoshihiro Shibata's 60th birthday, to appear in Mathematical Fluid Mechanics from Birkhauser-Verlag.
[59] L. Diening, Ch. Kreuzer, R. Stevenson: Instance optimality of the adaptive maximum strategy. Submitted. 2013. arXiv preprint. Foundations of Computational Mathematics, 2014, accepted.
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[56] L. Diening: Lipschitz truncation and the p-Laplace. Oberwolfach Report 2013. Miniworkshop: The p-Laplacian Operator and Applications.
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[43] L. Diening, P. Nägele, M. Ruzicka: Monotone operator theory for unsteady problems in variable exponent spaces, Complex Variables and Elliptic Equations, 2010, DOI 10.1080/17476933.2011.557157, (online since 19. September 2011).
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