Department Mathematik



Numerik I (Numerics)

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Seifert
Assistant: Dr. Soneji
Marco Baffetti (
Caroline Holz auf der Heide (
Jingjia Liu (
Teresa Schneidermeier (
Konstantinos Zacharis (


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Times and dates of lectures and classes

Please note that the classes (Zentralübung and tutorials) will start in the second week of the semester (i.e. the week starting 19 October).

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8 – 10 Tutorium
C. Holz auf der Heide
Raum B 041
10 – 12
12 – 14 Tutorium
T. Schneidermeier
Raum B 041
Prof. Seifert
Raum C 123
J. Liu
Raum B 046
14 – 16 Vorlesung
Prof. Seifert
Raum C 123
K. Zacharis
Raum B 251
16 – 18 Tutorium
M. Baffetti
Raum B 041
Dr. Soneji
Raum B 138


In the Zentralübung, we will go through the exercises from the previous week's problem sheet.

In the Tutorials, we review and deepen our understanding of the material covered in lectures, using examples and sample problems, in smaller groups. These classes will also be helpful for solving the exercises in the problem sheets. There are five different time slots for these classes (you need only attend one such class per week).

Problem Sheets

Please put your solutions in one of the designated Numerik I boxes on the 1st floor (near the library). The deadline is on Thursday of the given dates at 15:30.

Introductory Problem Sheet (not for handing in)
Problem Sheet 1 (due: Thursday 29.10.15)
Problem Sheet 2 (due: Thursday 5.11.15)
Problem Sheet 3 (due: Thursday 12.11.15)
Problem Sheet 4 (due: Thursday 19.11.15)

MATLAB Projects

MATLAB Project 1 (due: Thursday 12.11.15)

Solutions to Problem Sheets

Sheet 1, Q3