Other topics

Andreas M. Hinz

University of Munich

Here is a list of my publications on educational, historical and general topics.

Mathematische Beweise mit dem Computer, Der Mathematische und
Naturwissenschaftliche Unterricht 42/1(1989), 4-6.

Alhambra-Gruppen, Spektrum der Wissenschaft 5/1989, 20-21.

(with H. Stein) Ahmed Muhiddin (1892-1923) Leipzig'de Bir Türk
Bilimadami, Tarih ve Toplum 114(1993), 356-358.

A Characterization of Euclidean Spaces, Amer. Math. Monthly 100(1993), 778.

Laplace in Calvados, Math. Intelligencer 16(2)(1994), 56-59.

Die 350jährigen: Dörffel und Newton, in: Georg Samuel
Dörffel 1643-1688 Theologe und Astronom, Vogtland, Plauen,
1994, 143-162.

Dörffel, Newton, Halley und die Bahnen der Kometen,
in: M. Toepell (Hrsg.), Mathematik im Wandel, Band 2,
Franzbecker, Hildesheim, 2001, 155-177.

The True Catenary: A Case Study of Modern Applied Mathematics,
in: J. C. Misra, S. B. Sinha (Eds.), Recent Trends in Mathematical Sciences,
Narosa, New Delhi, 2001, 77-85.

Some Open Problems and New Tasks in Applied Mathematics,
in: J. C. Misra (Ed.), Applicable Mathematics, Its Perspectives and Challenges,
Narosa, New Delhi, 2001, 545-554.

The (re-)unification of mathematic(s), in:
J. Wang, B. Xu (Eds.), Trends and challenges in mathematics education,
East China Normal University Press, Shanghai, 2004, 343-358.

A straightened proof for the uncountability of R, Elem. Math. 65(2010) 26-28.

I would be happy to discuss with everyone interested in one (or more)
of these topics.

My main research is on analysis , discrete mathematics , and mathematical modelling .

Informations on my courses and lectures are also available.

My coordinates can be found on my personal homepage .

A. M. Hinz, hinz@math.lmu.de, 2018-09-18