Andreas M. Hinz, Mathematisches Institut der Universität München

Andreas M. Hinz

Professor (LMU München), redni profesor (Univerza v Mariboru)

Dipl.-Math., Dr.rer.nat., Dr.rer.nat.habil.

My prime interests lie in analysis , mainly partial differential equations
and differential operators, where I use classical analytic methods
wherever possible, functional analytic methods whenever necessary, and
numerical calculations if appropriate.

My second field is the mathematical theory of the Tower of Hanoi .

For my research activities in the field of mathematical modelling , move there.

Other topics of my research are mainly from mathematical education and history of science.

The historical development of mathematics also forms the backbone of my
courses and lectures .

For those, who are interested, here is my curriculum vitae .

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Mathematisches Institut ("office" B345)
Universität München (LMU)
Theresienstraße 39
D-80333 München


tel. "office": Germany/89 2180 4467
tel. home: Germany/89 714 8460

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A. M. Hinz, 2014-03-19