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From Sets and Types to Topology and Analysis

Towards Practicable Foundations for Constructive Mathematics

Workshop, 12-16 May 2003

Venice International University (VIU), San Servolo, Venice, Italy

Travel in Venice

All this comes with no warranty.

How to travel inside Venice

Given the particular geographic situation of Venice, please expect every trip to take more time than you might think first: you travel by boat, or you walk. If you prefer to walk, please take into account that there are many stairs, and although one cannot really get lost, one easily ends up with walking in circles unless one keeps one's eyes sufficiently open. Ask the local people whenever necessary, and keep watching the available signposts. When entering a boat, you may re-check whether it's the right one by asking someone, or just by listening to someone who asks.

In general, all you need to know is available via and through the links listed therein. In particular, there are links to the connections from Venice airport to the city.

The boat timetables are available at the ACTV home page.

How to get to your accommodation upon arrival

If you are booked for Palazzo Zenobio, you might take line n. 82 to San Basilio or line n. 1 to Ca' Rezzonico. The first is in general preferrable as it is faster. You can take them either if you are at the train station ("Ferrovia") or if you arrive by car or by bus at Piazzale Roma.
Here is a map showing how to reach Palazzo Zenobio.

If you are booked for Istituto della Pietà, then take any public boat service to San Zaccaria. When you have got off the boat, turn right, and walk along the waterfront until you reach a bridge, cross it. You will notice the Church della Pietà (on your left) and at the corner a small street called Calle della Pietà. The Istituto della Pietà is in this small street, on your left, n°3701. Ring the bell "Casa per Ferie". You will have to take a lift to the fourth floor.

From the railway station ("Ferrovia") or from Piazzale Roma, you could also walk directly to Palazzo Zenobio and to Istituto della Pietà. In the latter case, just follow the signposts for Piazza San Marco. At Piazza San Marco, walk to the waterfront, and turn left. Then follow the advices given above.

See also Accommodation: location

How to get to the workshop site from your accommodation

From Palazzo Zenobio, walk to Piazza San Marco, following first the signposts for Accademia and then the ones for Piazza San Marco. At Piazza San Marco, walk to the waterfront, and turn left. Walk until you arrive at the San Zaccaria stop of boat 20. Please take enough time for the entire walk (approximately 25/30 minutes). Altrenatively take line n. 82 or line n. 1 to San Zaccaria and then change to boat 20. If taking line n. 82, there will be a boat at 8:27 arriving at San Zaccaria at 8:44 and one leaving at 8:37 and arriving at 8:54.

From Istituto della Pietà, just walk back to the waterfront, turn right, and proceed to the San Zaccaria stop of boat 20.

The boat 20 leaving San Zaccaria at 9:00 is good throughout the week. There is a second run whenever necessary. Some of you may take the earlier boat at 8:35, especially on Monday for early registration. Note that this has no second run, and the VIU staff has priority. All the boats of line 20 are small boats.

You might consider buying a weekly or multiple ticket on your arrival in Venice. New fares are in place since 18th of April.

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