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Algebraic Theory of Quadratic Forms

Summer semester 2021

Course description in LSF.

Time and place:

Lectures: Tuesday 12-14 via Zoom (starting from 13.04).

Exercise sheets: Every week on Wednesday (starting from 21.04) an exercise sheet will appear on this webpage. After one week I will upload solutions (as videos in LMUcast and PDF-files on this webpage).

The exam will be in the form of Online-Homework and it will take place on Tuesday, 13.07, at 12:00-14:00 (till 14:30 students will have time to scan/make photos and send me their works).
If you would like to take the exam, please register by sending me an email with your full name till Monday, 12.07 11:00.



Lam, Introduction to Quadratic forms over fields.

Here is the link to the videos with solutions. PDF files with solutions are also available below.

Exercise sheets:

Sheet 1 Solution
Sheet 2 Solution
Sheet 3 Solution
Sheet 4 Solution
Sheet 5 Solution
Sheet 6 Solution
Sheet 7 Solution
Sheet 8 Solution