Department Mathematik


Somersemester 2022

Seminar: Geometric Quantization

Prof. Dr. Martin Schottenloher

Mo 16-18, HS B 132, hybrid. Beginn: 28.04.22
Information about the Lecture Notes: See below!


  • 28.04.2022 Vorbesprechung
  • 05.05.2022 fällt aus
  • 09.05.2022 Quantisation of the Kepler problem (Felix Physiker)
  • 16.05.2022 fällt aus
  • 23.05.2022 Orbit Method: Unitary Representations and History of Geometric Quantization (Lehel Csillag)
  • 30.05.2022 Quantum Geometric Langlands (Robert Windesheim)
  • 06.06.2022 fällt aus; Pfingsten
  • 13.06.2022 ausgefallen
  • 20.06.2022 Half-density Quantization (T. Patuleanu)
  • 27.06.2022 Half-form Ouantization (L. Csillag)
  • 04.07.2022 Bohr-Sommerfeld Condition (Nicky Sadhigi)
  • 11.07.2022
  • 18.07.2022
  • 25.07.2022
  • 01.08.2022 Borel-Weil for Polarizations (Xumin Liang)
  • Chern-Simons Theory I (Philipp Bakauov)
  • Chern-Simons Theory II (Philipp Bakauov)
  • Berezin-Toeplitz Quantization (Aditya Basu)
  • Cohomological obstructions to lifting the symplectic action to a Hamiltonian action (Tudor Patuleanu)

The objective of the seminar is to complement the course on "Geometric Quantization" of the last semester. In particular in connection with the following subjects

  • Prequantization and integrality conditions
  • Cohomology
  • The holomorphic case and Kähler manifolds
  • Geometry of polarisations
  • Half-density quantization
  • Half-form Quantization
  • Metaplectic correction
  • Coadjoint orbits
  • Quantization of Chern-Simons-theory
  • Reduction and Quantization
  • Other quantization schemes
Also: Detailed Examples are highly welcome! Bibliography:

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Interested students of physics or of mathematics.
If you plan to participate, please contact me (

Information about the Course 21/22

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