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Constructive convex analysis Josef Berger                 Gregor Svindland


first CORE meeting

7 May 2016     Department of Mathematics, Theresienstraße 39, second floor, room B251


11:00-11:30 Gregor Svindland Constructive Operations Research
11:30-12:00 Josef Berger First results and next steps
12:00-12:45 Douglas S. Bridges Functional Representations of Partial Orders
13:45-14:30 Hajime Ishihara The Hahn-Banach theorem and infima of convex functions
14:30-15:15 Horst Osswald A roundtrip from probability measures to Levy processes and back
15:15-16:00 Sam SandersThe local constructivity of Nonstandard Analysis
16:30-17:15 Peter M. SchusterTotal Preference Without Choice
17:15-18:00 Helmut Schwichtenberg Invariance axioms for realizability

Further participants


18:30   Georgenhof


jb        24   may   2016