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Mathematisches Oberseminar: Quantenmechanische Vielteilchensysteme und relativistische Quantentheorie in Erinnerung an Prof. Dr. Detlef Dürr

In the summer term 2021 from Dr. Dirk Deckert, and Prof. Dr. Peter Pickl

The seminar is on Wednesdays, 16:15h, starting on the 21st of April and will take place on Zoom. Please contact us for the session link if you are interested to join.

In honor and remembrance of our beloved member and teacher

Prof. Dr. Detlef Dürr

Organizer: Siddhant Das

News: Updates may be distributed on short notice by mail to all people on an internal list. People interested in should contact Dr. Dirk Deckert or Prof. Dr. Peter Pickl.


Date Room Title Speaker Type
Wed 21.04.21, 16:15 Zoom Effects of disturbance of single particles in a $N$ particle Newtonian system. Part I Manuela Feistl internal talk
Wed 28.04.21, 16:15 Zoom Shapes, Measures, and the Universe Dr. Paula Reichert internal talk
Wed 05.05.21, 16:15 Zoom Tensor networks to solve relativistic quantum field theory Dr. Antoine Tilloy external talk
Wed 12.05.21, 16:15 Zoom Effects of disturbance of single particles in a $N$ particle Newtonian system. Part II Kajetan Söhnen internal talk
Wed 19.05.21, 16:15 Zoom cancelled tba tba
Wed 26.05.21, 16:15 Zoom Position measurement in Bohmian mechanics and Wilson cloud chamber problem Serj Aristarkhov internal talk
Wed 02.06.21, 16:15 Zoom Typicality Measures Dr. Dustin Lazarovici external talk
Wed 09.06.21, 16:15 Zoom Improved spin-dependent arrival-time distributions Siddhant Das internal talk
Wed 16.07.21, 16:15 Zoom Time and Scale in Quantum Gravity Dr. Julian Barbour external talk
Wed 23.06.21, 16:15 Zoom Lorentz invariance and quantum mechanics Dr. Ward Struyve external talk
Wed 30.06.21, 16:15 Zoom New results about the dynamics of tracer particles in a dense Fermi gas David Mitrouskas external talk
Wed 07.07.21, 16:15 Zoom Positron Position Operators Dr. Roderich Tumulka external talk
Wed 14.07.21, 16:15 Zoom Spin-dependent arrival times of Dirac electrons Siddhant Das internal talk