Willkommen zum Oberseminar Mathematische Physik

im Sommersemester 2016 von Prof. Dr. D. Dürr, Prof. Dr. P. Pickl und Dirk - André Deckert

The seminar is usually on Wednesdays, 16:15h, in room B004.


Date Room Title Speaker
Wed 13.04.16, 16:15 B004
No Seminar
Wed 20.04.16, 16:15 B004 Consistency of Multi-Time Dirac Equations Lukas Nickel
Wed 27.04.16, 16:15 B004 Radiation Reaction in Classical Elecrodynamics Christian Bild
Wed 04.05.16, 16:15 B004 Pair Creation in External Field QED Johannes Nissen-Meyer
Wed 11.05.16, 16:15 B004
No Seminar
Wed 18.05.16, 16:15 B004
No Seminar
Wed 25.05.16, 16:15 B004 Proof of the Dipole Approximation Lea Boßmann
Wed 01.06.16, 16:15 B004 On a Multiscale Model Involving Cell Contractivity and its Effects on Tumor Invasion Christian Stinner
Wed 08.06.16, 16:15 B004 Bose-Einstein Condensation of Atoms Maximilian Jeblick
Wed 15.06.16, 16:15 B004 Semi-Classical Approximations Based on Bohmian Mechanics Ward Struyve
Wed 22.06.16, 16:15 B004 Bogoliubov Corrections to the Hartree Dynamics David Mitrouskas
Wed 29.06.16, 16:15 B004 Finding Stationary States by using Interacting Quantum Trajectories Hannes Herrmann
Wed 06.07.16,
14:00 - 17.30
Joint Seminar with Felix Finster's Group (Uni Regensburg)
Talks (where and when) and Abstracts
Christian Hainzl
Felix Hänle
Simone Murro
Wed 13.07.16, 16:15 B004 Quantum Effects in Arrival Time Measurements Nikolai Leopold