Department Mathematik


Winter Semester 2017-18

Algebraische Geometrie I

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Dozent Prof. Andreas Rosenschon, PhD
Assistent Anand Sawant, PhD
Korrektor Claudia Stadlmayr
Zeit und Ort
  • Vorlesungen: Mo 10-12 im Raum B 006 und Mi 10-12 im Raum B 004.
  • Übungen:
    • Fr 10-12 im Raum B 006 (weekly, starting Oct 20);
    • Mo 14-16 im Raum B 251 (biweekly, starting Oct 30).
Klausur The exam will take place on Monday, 12th February 2018 (9-12 in Room B 047).
  • New: There will be only one Monday session in December on 18.12.2017, which will be a tutorial. There will be no tutorial on Friday, 22.12.2017.
  • The lecture on Wednesday, 22nd November is cancelled.
  • There will be no lecture on Wednesday, 25th October. The lecture will take place on Friday, 27th October in place of the tutorial. The next meeting for the exercises will take place on Monday, 30th October.
  • Lectures begin on Monday, 16th October. The lectures will be conducted in German.
  • There will be a tutorial every Friday, starting 20th October. The tutorial will be conducted in English.
  • There will be a biweekly session on Mondays, starting 30th October, in which questions from the exercise sheets and students' questions about the lectures will be addressed. The corrected exercise sheets will be returned during the Monday sessions. The sheets that are not collected will be preserved only for two weeks, after which they will be discarded.
  • An exercise sheet (Übungsblatt) will be uploaded every week on Wednesday, which is due on the next Wednesday before 10am (Box No. 8 near the library). The exercises can be submitted in either English or German.
Skript Download PDF (Last update: 11.01.2018).

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