Department Mathematik


Winter Semester 2017-18

Algebraische Geometrie I

Dozent Prof. Andreas Rosenschon, PhD
Assistent Anand Sawant, PhD
Korrektor Claudia Stadlmayr
Zeit und Ort
  • Vorlesungen: Mo 10-12 und Mi 10-12 im Raum B 006.
  • Übungen:
    • Fr 10-12 im Raum B 006 (weekly, starting Oct 20);
    • Mo 14-16 im Raum B 251 (biweekly, starting Oct 30).
  • Lectures begin on Monday, 16th October. The lectures will be conducted in German.
  • There will be a tutorial every Friday, starting 20th October. The tutorial will be conducted in English.
  • There will be a biweekly session on Mondays, starting 30th October, in which questions from the exercise sheets and students' questions about the lectures will be addressed.
  • An exercise sheet (Übungsblatt) will be uploaded every week on Wednesday, which is due on the next Wednesday before 10am (Box No. 8 near the library). The exercises can be submitted in either English or German.
Skript Download PDF (Last update: 18.10.2017).

Kontakt und Sprechzeiten

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Claudia Stadlmayr nach Vereinbarung per Email unter c.nachname "at"