Size and Organization of the Conference

The meeting will take place in the ZiF, Feb. 2nd-6th 2004. It extends from Monday morning to Friday lunchtime. The number of participants will be limited to 70, among those around 40 invited participants. Invited talks will be limited to 45 minutes, with no more than 4 per day, giving general ideas and perspectives. These talks will introduce the different interdisciplinary aspects of the topic on a level appropriate also for non-experts in these particular fields of research. Twice or three times during the week there will be plenary sessions, possibly open-ended, for the general discussion of the results that have been presented. The participants are encouraged to actively participate in the discussion. Talks and discussions are of equal importance. The preliminary schedule is a good approximation of how the meeting will proceed. It also shows how the main theme of the meeting develops from the basic insight of the nonlocality of nature to the speculative quantum gravity.

We wish to encourage in particular young excellent researchers to present their works and to participate in the discussions and roundtables. That worked very well at the previous meeting where we succeeded in having a good balance between senior scientists and young researchers. Invited participants range thus from PhD-students to established senior scientists.