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9-10 Nonlocality (Theory) Orthodox QFT Nonlocal Spacetime (Phil) Multitime Formalism Topology and QM
10-11 Nonlocality (Experiment) Relativistic Bohmian Mechanics Probability and Relativity (Phil) Consistency of Multitime General Relativity and QM I
11-12 Decorations of Spacetime Relativistic Spontaneous Localisation Macroscopic Locality Scattering Theory General Relativity and QM II
Lunch Conclusion
15-16 Discussion Relativistic Consistent Histories Excursion Short Commun. (Technical)
16-18 Short Commun. (Phil, Phys, Math) Roundtable (OQFT, BM, SLM, CH) Roundtable (The Future)
Dinner Dinner