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LMUexcellent-Project: Constructive and Predicative Measure Theory (CPMT)

  • Duration of funding of CPMT from the Junior Researcher Fund of LMU: 15.11.2020-31.08.2021 and 15.10.2021-31.12.2021.

  • Aim of CPMT: the predicative development of Bishop-Cheng integration and measure theory, a constructive approach to the Danell approach to classical integration and measure theory.

  • A description of the project
  • Researchers within CPMT

    Related Publications

    Related work in preparation

    • I. Petrakis M. Zeuner: Pre-measure spaces and pre-integration spaces in predicative Bishop-Cheng measure theory, to be submitted, 2021.
    • I. Petrakis: From Daniell spaces to the integration spaces of Bishop and Cheng, to be submitted, 2021.
    • F. Grubmüller, I. Petrakis: Constructive and predicative integration theory of locally compact metric spaces, in preparation, 2021
    • I. Petrakis: Integration theory of Bishop spaces, in preparation, 2021.

    Last modified: 11.11.2021