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Dr. Noela M├╝ller

Mathematisches Institut der Universität München
Theresienstr. 39
D-80333 München


Tel:   +49 (0)89   2180 4620
Fax:  +49 (0)89   2180 4466
Büro: Block B, 3. Stock, 302

Arbeitsgruppe Stochastik und Finanzmathematik

Research Interests

Probabilistic Combinatorics, Random Constraint Satisfaction Problems, Random Graphs, Random Recursive Structures, Urn Processes.


Papers in Journals
  1. The satisfiability threshold for random linear equations. With P. Ayre, A. Coja-Oghlan and P. Gao. Combinatorica (2020), 1-57.
  2. The replica symmetric phase of random constraint satisfaction problems. With A. Coja-Oghlan and T. Kapetanopoulos. Combinatorics, Probability and Computing (2020), 1-77.
  3. Refined asymptotics for the composition of cyclic urns. With R. Neininger. Electronic Journal of Probability 23 (2018), 1-20.
Conference Proceedings
  1. Refined asymptotics for the number of leaves in random point quadtrees . With M. Fuchs and H. Sulzbach. Proceedings of the 29th International Conference on Probabilistic, Combinatorial and Asymptotic Methods for the Analysis of Algorithms 23 (2018), 1-16.
  2. The CLT analogue for cyclic urns . With R. Neininger. Analytic Algorithmics and Combinatorics (ANALCO) (2016), 121-127.
  1. Inference and mutual information on random factor graphs. With A. Coja-Oghlan, M. Hahn-Klimroth, P. Loick, K. Panagiotou and M. Pasch.
  2. The number of satisfying assignments of random 2-SAT formulas. With D. Achlioptas, A. Coja-Oghlan, M. Hahn-Klimroth, J. Lee, M. Penschuck and G. Zhou. To appear in Random Structures & Algorithms.


  1. Stochastik. (Wintersemester 2020/21), zusammen mit Prof. Dr. Konstantinos Panagiotou und Dr. Annika Heckel.