Sommersemester 2010 :

Ich bin in Forschungsfreisemester!
Aber ich halte ein Blockseminar am 14 und 15 Juni mit Thema:
The Friedlander-Milnor conjecture,
Monday 14.06, 8:00 - 12:00, B045, and Tuesday 15.06.2010, 16:00-20:00, B039.
This seminar will consist in 2 talks on Monday and 2 talks on Tuesday (with pause!). It will give a precise account of my proof of the Friedlander-Milnor conjecture in the case of SL_2 and SL_3. Though I will try to make it self contained, it is ment as a natural sequel of the the courses ``A1-homotopy theory'' of the previous semesters.

Talk 1. Monday 8:00 c.t. B045 : Introduction and structure of the proof.
Talk 2. Monday 10:00 c.t. B045 : The space Sing(G) and reduction to the rigidity property of its classifying space.
Talk 3. Tuesday 16:00 c.t. B039: An A1-homological criterium: we prove using the Bruhat decomposition of G and a devissage using the lower central series that the rigidity property of BSin(G) follows from that of the A1-chain complexes of the split Tori.
Talk 4. Tuesday 18:00 c.t. B039: We prove the rigidity property for the A1-chain complexes of the split Tori by putting in a canonical way transfers structures on its homology sheaves.

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