Department Mathematik


Oberseminar Winter semester 2021/22
Motivic algebraic topology (F. Morel and N. Semenov)

Thursday 14:00 - 16:00,
Room B251

28 Oct. : Fabien Morel (LMU): A^1-connectivity revisited.
4 Nov. : Denis Nardin (Regensburg University): Hermitian K-theory of schemes
An abstract
25 Nov. : Maxim Smirnov (Augsburg University/MPIM Bonn): Residual categories of Grassmannians
An abstract
2 Dec. : Roozbeh Hazrat (Western Sydney University): Leavitt path algebras
(*** Online ***)
An abstract
9 Dec. : Tom Bachmann (LMU): The motivic Freudenthal Suspension theorem
An abstract
16 Dec. : Pavel Sechin (Regensburg University): Once again about Morava motives of quadrics
27 Jan. : Nikita Semenov (LMU): On the Chow motives of twisted flag varieties of outer type.
(Exceptionally online).
3 Fev. : Fabio Tanania (LMU): On the motivic cohomology of the Nisnevich classifying space of PGL_n(k)
An abstract
9 Fev. : Stephen Scully (Victoria University): Quadratic forms and function fields of quadrics
(Exceptionally on wednesday at 18:00 per Zoom).
An abstract
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