Department Mathematik


Oberseminar Winter semester 2020/21
Motivische algebraische Topologie (F. Morel and N. Semenov)

Donnerstag 14:00 - 16:00,
B 251

15 Oct. : Tom Bachmann (LMU): Motivic stable homotopy theory over fields.

(Annahme zur Habilitation)
Notice: from November on, the seminar will not be given in presence, only via zoom.
19 Nov. : Nikita Semenov (LMU): Hopf-theoreric approach to motives of twisted flag varieties.

26 Nov. : Olivier Haution (LMU): The cobordism ring of algebraic involutions .
3 Dec. : Fabio Tanania (LMU): Isotropic homotopy groups of the sphere spectrum .
18 Dec. : Andrei Lavrenov (LMU/St. Petersburg State University): Morava motives of projective quadrics.

(Defense of Phd)
Exceptionally on Friday at 14:00

14 Jan. : Victor Petrov (St. Petersburg State University): Isotropy of Tits construction
21 Jan. : Evgeny Shinder (University of Sheffield): Factorization centers, Cremona groups and the Grothendieck ring of varieties
28 Jan. : Maksim Zhykhovich (LMU): Degree one components of the J-invariant of algebras with involution
4 Feb. : Tom Bachmann (LMU): Witt-valued Euler classes and residual intersections
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