Department Mathematik


Oberseminar Wintersemester 2019/2020
Motivische algebraische Topologie (F. Morel and N. Semenov)

Donnerstag 14:00 - 16:00,
B 251

24 Oct. : Fabien Morel (LMU): What is the signature theorem in algebraic geometry ?

31 Oct. : Vladimir Chernousov (University of Alberta - LMU): On R-equivalence in algebraic groups.

An abstract
11 Nov. : Andrei Lavrenov (University of St-Petersburg - LMU): Motive of projective quadrics and Morava K-theory.
(Exceptionnaly at 16:15 in Room B 349)
14 Nov. : Wolfgang Soergel (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg) speaks at 16:30 in Kolloquium : Characters and motives

28 Nov. : Alexander Smirnov (University of Augsburg - Steklov Institute St-Petersburg): Geometry over the field with one element: expectations and reality.

An abstract
5 Dec. : Vladimir Chernousov (University of Alberta - LMU): Spinor groups with good reduction.

An abstract
12 Dec. : Philippe Gille (CNRS-Lyon 1): Residues on Affine Grassmannians.

An abstract
9 Jan. : Aleksander Strzelczyk (LMU): Towards the classification of indecomposable summands in motives of quadrics over number fields (defense of a Master thesis).

16 Jan. : Maksim Zhykhovich (LMU): J-invariant of algebraic groups and Tits algebras

23 Jan. : Toni Annala (UBC - Regensburg): Derived cobordism over a general base.
An abstract
30 Jan. : Victor Petrov (St. Petersburg State University): Torsion in Chow groups of generic flag varieties: recent advances.

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