Prof. Morel

Sommersemester 2016

Motivische algebraische Topologie

Donnerstag 14:00/16:00,
B 040

28 April : Marc Levine (Universität Duisburg-Essen) spricht im Kolloquium : On the homotopy groups of classical
and motivic spheres
5 May : No Talk
12 Mai : Kirill Zaynullin (Ottawa / Paris 13) : Hyperbolic motives of versal flags and representations of Hecke algebras

19 May : Pavel Sechin (Higher School of Economics, Moscow) : Chern classes for Morava K-theories

26 May : No talk: Holiday

Information: the talk by Toan Nguyen Manh (Universität Duisburg-Essen) : Equivariant motivic cohomology and K-theory
planned on the 19-th Mai has been cancelled and postponed to next fall
2 June : No talk

9 June : Anand Sawant : Central extensions and A^1-fundamental groups

16 June : TBA

23 June : Emmanuel Dror Farjoun (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) spricht im Kolloquium :
A path From Discrete to Topological Groups.
30 June : Maksim Zhykhovich : Hasse principle for Rost motives (II)
8 July : Stefan Gille (University of Alberta) : On Rost nilpotence of threefolds
(ausnahmensweise am Freitag um 14:00 im Raum B 251)
14 July : Mikhail Bondarko (St Petersburg University) : On the relation of weight structures on motives to negative K-groups
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