Department Mathematik


Oberseminar Summer semester 2022
Motivic algebraic topology (F. Morel and N. Semenov)

Thursday 14:00 - 16:00,
Room B251

28 Apr : Klaus Mattis : Isomotives of dimension \leq 1
(master "Oberseminarvortrag")
12 Mai : "Canadian day" ... Exceptionally two talks:

At 14:00 (s.t.!) Stefan Gille (University of Alberta) : Die Gersten-Vermutung für hermitsche Wittgruppe von Azumaya Algebren

At 15:00 (s.t.!) Kirill Zaynulin (University of Ottawa) : The canonical dimension of a semisimple group and the unimodular degree of a root system
An abstract
2 June : Anand Sawant (TIFR) : Strong A^1-invariance of A^1-connected components of a reductive algebraic group
An abstract
23 June : Olivier Haution (TUM) : Hyperbolic orientations and Pontryagin classes
An abstract
30 June : Peter Fiebig (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg ) : Quantum group representations and character generations
An abstract
7 July : Alois Wohlschlager : On motivic decompositions of some projective homogeneous varieties of type E7
(defense of a master thesis).

14 July : Maksim Zhykhovich (LMU) : Chow motives of projective homogeneous varieties

20 Juli (exceptionally at 10:00 s.t. in Room B101): Tom Bachmann (Oslo University) : Some results in stable motivic homotopy theory
21 Juli : Tom Bachmann (Oslo University) : Cohomology of motivic Eilenberg--MacLane spaces
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