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Vorlesung: Ausgewählte Kapitel aus der Beweistheorie (SS 2013) by Prof. Schwichtenberg

(17.07.2013) The exercise 10 will be returned in the tutorial of today.
Afterwards, they go to the box on the first floor.

Here is the link to the online registration form of the exercise session of the lecture.
The exercise session takes place at 10:00 on Friday (Room A027).

Minlog files

  • An example of CVInd. (script)
    This file works with ind.scm on the latest Minlog system which is available as the SVN snapshot.
  • Minlog examples of derivations involving nc-forall and nc-implication. (script)
  • Minlog proof script for the exercise 40. (script)
    You are welcome to send a question on this prior to the exercise session by Anton Freund on 12.07.

Seminar: Programmextraktion aus Beweisen (SS 2013) by Prof. Schwichtenberg

The first tutorial session takes place at 10:00 on Monday, 6th of May.
Please come to B420.
  • A file to study the Aufgabe 8 from the lecture course in Minlog. (script)
    This file provides definitions to carry out the proof.
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