Department Mathematik



Mathematisches Kolloquium

Am Donnerstag, 15.12.2022, um 16:30 Uhr spricht

Enno Lenzmann
(Universität Basel )

im Hörsaal A 027 über das Thema

"Into the wild: An invitation to turbulent completely integrable systems"

Abstract: The discovery of solitons and completely integrable partial differential equations (PDEs) provides a paradigm in mathematics and modern physics. Its impact on the development of PDEs in physics (both classical and quantum), pure analysis, and differential geometry can hardly be overrated. In this colloquium talk, I will give an introduction to a class of newly discovered completely integrable PDEs, which exhibit turbulent behavior, i.e., the degree of smoothness of solutions cannot be generally controlled by an infinite hierarchy of conservation laws and thus singularities can form. Indeed, these systems can be seen as infinite-dimensional continuum versions of classical so-called Calogero-Moser systems introduced by Francesco Calogero and Jürgen Moser in 1970s. Part of my talk is based on joint work with Patrick Gérard (Paris-Sud).

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