Aspects of Homological Mirror Symmetry

Main program: July 6-10

Lecture course by Paul Seidel: Aspects of Homological Mirror Symmetry
with additional lectures by Mohammed Abouzaid, Denis Auroux, Ivan Smith and Jake Solomon

Precourse: July 4-5

1. Lefschetz fibrations, vanishing cycles, directed Fukaya categories (Mark McLean, ETH Zürich)
2. Derived categories of coherent sheaves (Marc Nieper-Wisskirchen, Augsburg)
3. A-infinity structures (Janko Latschev, ETH Zürich)


For registration please email to Your registration email should contain information about your status, your affiliation and whether you plan to attend the precourse or not. Please register by 30 April 2009.


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Financial support

We may be able to provide limited financial support for traveling for graduates and postdocs.

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K. Cieliebak (Munich), K. Mohnke (Berlin), M. Schwarz (Leipzig).

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