Positive scalar curvature and related topics
LMU München, 24-28 February 2004


B. Hanke (München)
J. Lohkamp (Augsburg)
T. Schick (Göttingen)

The aim of this meeting is to bring together people from diverse fields, including topology, geometry and analysis - in order to discuss recent results and to give an overview of the subject. In this way, we enable also younger mathematicians to get in contact with experts in the field.
Participants include: P. Baum (Penn State), H. Baum (HU Berlin), C. Bär (U. Potsdam), B. Botvinnik (U. Oregon), U. Bunke (U. Göttingen), M. Dahl (Stockholm), A. Dessai (U. Augsburg), H. Emerson (U. Münster), F. Finster (U. Regensburg), K. Galicki (U. of New Mexico), B. Hajduk (U. Wroclaw), M. Herzlich (U. Montpellier), M. Joachim (U. Münster), E. Leichtnam (Jussieu), P. Piazza (U. Rome), U. Semmelmann (U. Hamburg), H. Seshadri (Bangalore), W. Tuschmann (U. Münster), W. Werner (U. Münster)
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Program of the conference
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