Department Mathematik


Veranstaltungen (Christian Lange)


  • (with T. Soethe) Sharp systolic inequalities for rotationally symmetric 2-orbifolds , arXiv, (2021).
  • (with A. Abbondandolo and M. Mazzucchelli) Higher systolic inequalities for 3-dimensional contact manifolds, arXiv, (2021).
  • (with C. Zwickler) Closed geodesics on compact orbifolds and on noncompact manifolds, arXiv, (2019).

Refereed articles:

  • (with A. Lytchak and C. Sämann) Lorentz meets Lipschitz,
    to appear in Advances in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
  • (with C. Gorodski, A. Lytchak and R. Mendes) A diameter gap for quotients of the unit sphere,
    to appear in J. Eur. Math. Soc.
  • (with M. Amann and M. Radeschi) Odd-dimensional orbifolds with all geodesics closed are covered by manifolds
    Math. Ann. 380, 1355-1386 (2021).
  • (with T. Mettler) Deformations of the Veronese embedding and Finsler 2-spheres of constant curvature,
    J. Inst. Math. Jussieu.
  • (with H. Geiges) Erratum to "Seifert fibrations of lens spaces" - Fibrations over non-orientable bases,
    Abh. Math. Semin. Univ. Hambg.
  • (with M. Kegel) A Boothby-Wang theorem for Besse contact manifolds,
    Arnold Math J., 7(2), 225-241.
  • (with L. Asselle) On the rigidity of Zoll magnetic systems on surfaces,
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My preprints are also available on the arXiv.