International Workshop

Analysis of Differential Operators

Mathematics Institute, University of Munich

31 July - 1 August 2000

Supported by Graduiertenkolleg "Mathematik im Bereich ihrer Wechselwirkung mit der Physik".


Monday, 31 July 2000 (Chair: A. M. Hinz)

13:50 Hubert Kalf, University of Munich Opening
14:00 Takashi Okaji, Kyoto University Absence of eigenvalues of the time-harmonic Maxwell equations
15:00 Heinz Siedentop, University of Munich The energy of the relativistic electron-positron field
16:00 coffee/tea
16:30 Tomio Umeda, Himeji Institute of Technology Action of $\sqrt{-\Delta}$ on distributions
17:30 Semjon Wugalter, University of Munich Atoms in a magnetic field increasing at infinity
18:30 end of monday session

Tuesday, 1 August 2000 (Chair: H. Kalf)

09:00 Osanobu Yamada, Ritsumeikan University Essential self-adjointness of Dirac operators with a variable mass term
10:00 coffee/tea
10:30 Andreas M. Hinz, Technical University of Munich Spherically symmetric Schrödinger operators
11:30 Karl Michael Schmidt, University of Munich Critically perturbed periodic differential operators
12:30 end of tuesday session

Conference venue is the Department of Mathematics at the University of Munich,
Theresienstraße 39
, Lecture Room E27.
Coffee/tea will be served in Common Room 446-448 (Block B).

Maybe you want to know, weather it will be nice in Munich.

All are welcome. H. Kalf , A.M. Hinz

A. M. Hinz,, 2000-07-31