Department Mathematik



                                  Research Seminar
Mathematical Epidemiology: Modelling and Inference

                                            Summer semester 2021

This is a research seminar about mathematical epidemiology. We aim to discuss epidemiological questions both from a mathematical as well as from a statistical point of view. A central theme is the exchange of ideas between scientists from different background.

We strive for a biweekly agenda; talks will be announced on this website as well as announced via email. All meetings are online (using zoom).


Registration: Please register by sending an email to Vincent Gögl.

Time:  Wednesday 2PM c.t.


The schedule is continuously updated.
12 May 2021
Helmut Küchenhoff (Stat/CoDAG) Analysis daily time series in the pandemic: Time allocation and change point analysis
26 May 2021
Ulrich Mansmann (IBE) Beobachten der Epidemie über Raum und Zeit
16 June 2021
Göran Kauermann (Stat/CoDAG) Statistics in the COVID-19 pandemics – Challenges, Frustrations and Opportunities
30 June 2021
21 July 2021
Dirk Brockmann (RKI+HU Berlin) Complexity, networks and disease dynamics