Department Mathematik


Topology I

Prof. D. Kotschick: Topology II

  • Time and Place: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-12
  • Exercise classes: There will be multiple sessions, for which you have to sign up in moodle.
  • Content: This is the second half of a full-year course on topology. The main topic of the second semester is cohomology theory, including a discussion of cup products and duality theorems for manifolds.
  • For: Students of mathematics or physics with some knowledge of homology theory.
  • Prerequisites: Basic courses in calculus and (linear) algebra, plus some exposure to topology, including homology theory, for example as covered in my course last semester.
  • Language: This course will be taught in English.
  • Exam: There will be an exam in July, for registered participants only, with details to be announced via moodle.
  • References: The main part of the course will follow Chapters X to XV of the book
    W. S. Massey: A basic course in algebraic topology, Springer GTM, Springer Verlag 1991. (We have multiple copies of this in the library, which you can borrow for your use.)
    A standard source for algebraic topology is the book
    A. Hatcher: Algebraic Topology, Cambridge University Press. (This contains all the material that is in Massey, and you are free to use it, but I will stick to Massey.)
  • Special note because of Covid-19 restrictions: To register for the course and obtain access to course materials it is necessary to sign up via moodle under this link. The password for logging in is Cohomology.
    Please note that registration will close after the first few weeks of classes, and later requests for admisssion will not be granted. Furthermore, inactive students will automatically be deregistered after a grace period of a couple of weeks. Requests for readmission after deregistration will be handled very restrictively.
    If for some reason you cannot sign up in moodle, but still want to take the course, please write to Dr. J. Stelzig at .