Department Mathematik



Interaction between Light and Matter

Seminar: Advance topics of machine learning

Winter Semester 2020/21
Dr. Dirk-Andr├ę Deckert

Room: ZOOM Time: Thursdays, 16-18h

This seminar is intended to be a topical continuation of last semester's introductory course material "Mathematic(al Statistic)s and Applications of Machine Learning". Topics will be discussed, decided and assigned during the first meeting. They will have an emphasis on mathematics and applications and, depending on interest and background, may range from classic to modern literature including, e.g., PAC framework, generalization bounds, approximation & representation, artificial/convolutional/spiking/recurrent and generative adversarial networks, approximation & representation & optimization, deep learning, boosting, probabilistic/causal reasoning, Haar cascades, landmark detection, natural language processing, vector embeddings, etc... Please prepare topic suggestions.

Date Speaker Topics Slides
19.11.20 Niklas Weber Word2Vec PDF, IPYNB
26.11.20 Henry Kleinedam Reinforcement learning PDF
03.12.20 Yannick Limmer Bayesian Statistics and Bayesian Networks PDF
10.12.20 Simon Heydrowsky Cluster Analysis PDF
17.12.20 Florian Geys Decision Trees PDF
07.01.21 Cornelius Schwab Dimensionality reduction PDF
14.01.21 Hares Khalilzad Bahadori Haar Cascades PDF
21.01.21 Jago Silberbauer Generative Adversarial Networks PDF
28.01.21 Christian Rehpenn Auto-encoder PDF
04.02.21 Jakob Ullmann Approximation Theory PDF