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Interaction between Light and Matter



Group Leader email room phone +49 (0)89 2180-
 Dr. D.-A. Deckert 425 -4425
Doctoral students
 Markus Nöth 313 -4643
 Siddhant Das 214 -4643
Master students
Bachelor students
 Manuela Begic
Alumni Doctoral Students
 Felix Hänle Resonances, Spectral Estimates and their Connection to Scattering Theory in the Spin-Boson Model
 Martin Oelker On domain, self-adjointness, and spectrum of Dirac operators for two interacting particles
 Lukas Nickel On the Dynamics of Multi-Time Systems
 Dr. Vera Hartenstein On the Maxwell-Lorentz Dynamics of Point Charges
Alumni Master Students
 Leopold Kellers Making Use of Quantum Trajectories for Numerical Purposes
 Julia Kraus Analysis and Development of Machine Learning Algorithms for Automotive Sensor Data (Confidental publication with Bosch GmbH, Abstatt)
 Christian Bild On radiation reaction in classical electrodynamics
 Felix Hänle Second Quantization of Liénard-Wiechert Fields
 Hannes Hermann Finding Stationary States by Interacting Qantum Worlds


Dr. Dirk-André Deckert studied physics at the LMU Munich and as a DAAD fellow at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. After his doctoral studies, funded by the BayEFG initiative, today Elite Network of Bavaria, he was awarded the doctoral degree in mathematics at the LMU Munich in 2010. His doctoral thesis "Electrodynamic Absorber Theory" comprises a mathematical and physical investigation of radiation reaction and electron-positron pair creation. The main fields of his research are Foundations of Physics, Quantum Electrodynamics, Many-Body Theory, Quantum Chemistry, Functional Differential Equations and Numerical Analysis. For one year Dr. Deckert conducted research as a post-doc fellow of the DAAD at the University of California Davis where he was later appointed as Arthur J Krener Assistant Professor for three years before commencing his work in the Elite Network of Bavaria in Munich.

Markus Nöth, MSc, studied physics and mathematics at the LMU Munich and received his bachelor degree in the summer of 2013. He pursued his passion for the foundations of physics by joining the master program "Theoretical and Mathematical Physics" of the Elite Network of Bavaria. In the course of this program he studied abroad for one semester in Japan at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. Markus attained his master degree in January of 2016, his master thesis sheds new light on the renowned "Unruh effect" by introducing parallels between quantum and classical field theory. He joined the International Junior Research Group "Interaction between light and matter" as a PhD student in February of 2016. As a main project of research he investigates the existence of a mathematically rigorous description of quantum field theory of external fields, while additionally working as a teaching assistant.