Department Mathematik



LMU-TUM Junior Researcher Seminar

This is an informal joint mathematical physics seminar aimed at the junior researchers at LMU and TUM. It is taking place roughly once a month, followed by a social gathering, to get to know each other and our research a bit better.

Since one of the goals of this seminar is to connect people from different working groups, we plan it as an on-site event. If for whatever reason it is not possible for you to attend in person, please contact us and we will make online participation possible.

Organizers: Amanda Young (TUM), Lea Boßmann (LMU), Simone Rademacher (LMU)

To receive updates about the seminar, please contact one of the organizers.


  • Cambyse Rouzé: Thermalization of quantum spin chains: an entropic perspective

    Friday, January 27, 4:30pm
    Room MI 02.06.011 at the TUM math institute (Boltzmannstr. 3, TUM Campus in Garching)

  • Christmas market

    Monday, December 12, 5pm
    Medieval Christmas Fair at Wittelsbacherplatz

  • Martin Ravn Christiansen: The Correlation Energy of a Fermi Gas in the Mean-Field Regime

    Friday, November 25, 3pm
    Room B252 at the LMU math institute (Theresienstr. 39)

  • Amanda Young: Gapped Ground State Phases of Quantum Lattice Models

    Friday, October 28, 4pm
    Room B040 at the LMU math institute (Theresienstr. 39)