Department Mathematik



Mathematisches Oberseminar: Quantenmechanische Vielteilchensysteme und relativistische Quantentheorie in Erinnerung an Prof. Dr. Detlef Dürr

Winter semester 2021/22

The seminar is on Thursdays, 14:30-15:30, starting on the October 28 and will take place on Zoom and jointly with the Mathematical Physics group at U Tübingen. Please contact us for the session link if you are interested to join.

In honor and remembrance of our beloved member and teacher

Prof. Dr. Detlef Dürr

Organizer at LMU: Dirk - André Deckert Organizer at U Tübingen: Peter Pickl

News: Updates are distributed on short notice by mail to all people on an internal list. People interested in should contact Dr. Dirk Deckert


Date Time Speaker Title
October 21 16:00 Jonas Lampart (Laboratoire ICB, Dijon) The trajectories of the Schrödinger equation
October 28 14:30 Markus Nörth (LMU München) On Relativistic Interaction of Electric Charges and External Fields in Quantum Electrodynamics
October 28 16:00 Horia Cornean (Aalborg) How to discretize (pseudo)differential operators with operator norm convergence in the mesh size
November 04 16:00 Angelo Lucia (U. Complutense Madrid) Thermalization in Kitaev's quantum double models
November 11 16:00 Alvaro Alhambra (MPQ München) Quantum states at equilibrium: thermal states, tensor networks and area laws
November 18 14:30 Jago Silberbauer (LMU München) An Introduction to Statistical Learning
November 25 14:30 Jago Silberbauer (LMU München) An Introduction to Statistical Learning (cont.)
November 25 16:00 David Sutter (IBM Zürich) Chain rules for quantum relative entropies
December 2 14:30 Cedric Igelspacher (Tübingen) From Normalizable to Non-Normalizable Measures: a Survey through the Boltzmannian Paradigm
December 2 16:00 Caroline de Groot (MPQ München) (Symmetry protected) topological phases in open systems
December 9 14:30 Pavle Tesic (LMU München) Irreversible dynamic Processes in discrete time and construction of a time reversible model (Verteidigung Maseterarbeit)
December 9 16:00 Simon Larson (Caltech) On the spectrum of the Kronig–Penney model in a constant electric field
December 16 16:00 Amanda Young (TU München) A bulk gap in the presence of edge states for a Haldane pseudopotential
January 3 16:00 Ian Jauslin (Rutgers University) An effective equation to study Bose gases at all densities
January 20 16:00 Angela Capel Cuevas Entropy decay for Davies semigroups of a one dimensional quantum lattice
February 3 14:30 Serj Aristarkhov (LMU München) On Wilson cloud chamber problem
February 10 14:30 Sören Petrat (Jakobs Universität Bremen) TBA
February 10 16:00 Marco Merkli (Newfoundland) Markovianity in quantum dynamics
February 17 14:30 Tobias Ried (MPI Leipzig) TBA