Willkommen zum Oberseminar Mathematische Physik

im Wintersemester 2016/2017 von Prof. Dr. D. Dürr, Prof. Dr. P. Pickl und Dirk - André Deckert

The seminar is usually on Wednesdays, 16:15h, in room B004.


Date Room Title Speaker
Wed 19.10.16, 16:15 B004 Must Space-Time be Singular? Ward Struyve
Wed 26.10.16, 16:15 B004 Lightlike string-local fields: a new tool for Quantum Field Theory José Gracia Bondia, University of Costa Rica
Wed 02.11.16, 16:15 B004 NO SEMINAR -- see our Autumn School on Mathematical Physics
Wed 09.11.16, 16:15 B004 NO SEMINAR
Wed 16.11.16, 16:15 B004 Meaning of probability in models of stochastic dynamics Gal Ben-Porath
Wed 23.11.16, 16:15 B004 A Tale of Light and Darkness: Black Holes in Maxwell-Einstein Theory Olaf Müller, Universität Regensburg
Wed 30.11.16, 16:15 B004 Semiclassical numerics: Bohmian mechanics vs. mean field theory Leopold Kellers
Wed 07.12.16, 16:15 B004 Singularity structure of the scattering matrix in the Spin Boson model Felix Hänle
Wed 14.12.16, 16:15 B004 Wilson Cloud Chamber Problem In Bohmian Mechanics Sergey Aristarkhov
Wed 21.12.16, 16:15 B004 Derivation of the Vlasov-Poisson equation Philipp Grass
Wed 11.01.17, 16:15 B004 Reconceptualising equilibrium in Boltzmannian statistical mechanics and characterising its existence Charlotte Werndl
Wed 18.01.17, 16:15 B004 Giving Physics a fresh start by taking Leibniz seriously: Why and How? Sahand Tokasi
Wed 25.01.17, 16:15 B004 Wheeler’s electrodynamics and Feynman’s electrodynamics - The origins and premature abandonment of modern action-at-a-distance theory Alexander Blum, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin
Wed 01.02.17, 16:15 B004 Interacting quantum field theories as relativistic statistical field theories of local beables Antoine Tilloy
Wed 08.02.17, 16:15 B004 From Primitive Ontology to Classic Metaphysics of Matter Mario Hubert
Wed 22.02.17, 16:15 B004 QUANTUM GRAVITY - GENERAL INTRODUCTION AND RECENT DEVELOPMENTS Claus Kiefer, Universität zu Köln