Willkommen zum Oberseminar Mathematische Physik

im Sommersemester 2017 von Prof. Dr. D. Dürr, Prof. Dr. P. Pickl und Dirk - André Deckert

The seminar is usually on Wednesdays, 16:15h, in room B004.


Date Room Title Speaker
Wed 26.04.17, 16:15 B004 --- ---
Wed 03.05.17, 16:15 B004 Solution theory of a multi-time QED model by Dirac, Fock, Podolsky Lukas Nickel
Wed 10.05.17, 16:15 B004 --- ---
Wed 17.05.17, 16:15 B004 --- ---
Wed 24.05.17, 16:15 B004 Construction of the resonance in the massless Spin-Boson model - the infrared problem Felix Haenle
Wed 31.05.17, 16:15 B004 Derivation of mean-field limits Ioannis Anapolitanos
Thu 1.06.17, 16:15 B251 Angelo Bassi
Wed 07.06.17, 16:15 B004 A simple approach to mean-field limits of particles in interaction with quantized radiation fields Nikolai Leopold
Wed 14.06.17, 16:15 B004 Microscopic derivation of the Keller-Segel equation in the sub-critical regime Ana Gracía
Wed 21.06.17, 16:15 B004 Singularities and operator ordering ambiguities in Wheeler-DeWitt quantization Hannah Ochner
Wed 28.06.17, 16:15 B004 The Method of Epstein and Glaser applied to external field QED Markus Noeth
Wed 05.07.17, 16:15 B004 Probability Distribution of the Time at Which an Ideal Detector Clicks Roderich Tumulka
Wed 12.07.17, 16:15 B004 Time measurements in quantum mechanics Siddhant Das
Fri 14.07.17, 13:00-17:00 B134 MiniWorkshop Deckert/Finster/Pickl
Wed 19.07.17, 16:15 B004 faellt aus wegen Konferenzen in Saig und Zuerich ---
Wed 26.07.17, 16:15 B004 verschoben auf 31.7 ---
Mon 31.07.17, 14:15 B004 Born's rule for arbitrary Cauchy surfaces Matthias Lienert