Department Mathematik



Tariq Syed

Mathematisches Institut der Universität München
Theresienstr. 39
D-80333 München


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Arbeitsgruppe Algebraische Geometrie

I am a PhD student supervised by Prof. Andreas Rosenschon (LMU München) and Prof. Jean Fasel (Université Grenoble Alpes). My research focuses on the classification of vector bundles over affine schemes.

Research Interests

  • Vector Bundles
  • K-Theory
  • Commutative Algebra
  • Algebraic Topology
  • Motivic Homotopy Theory
  • Algebraic Cycles


  • 2016 USC K-theory summer school, Los Angeles, May 24-27, 2016
  • Workshop - Introduction to unstable motivic homotopy theory, Münster, June 10-12, 2016
  • Conference on invertible objects and duality in derived algebraic geometry and homotopy theory, Regensburg, April 3-7, 2017
  • Summer school on K-theory, Bonn, June 19-23, 2017
  • Vector Bundles on Algebraic Curves 2017, Essen, September 4-8, 2017
  • Homotopy Theory Summer, Berlin, June 18-29, 2018