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Differentiable Manifolds (Differential Geometry I)

Winter term 2017/18, Prof. Bernhard Leeb, Ph.D.


The graded retry exams may be reviewed on Wednesday 2018/04/11 from 11.45-12.15 a.m. in office B 317.

For TMP students who passed the exam or the retry exam: To get a certificate (Schein), please hand in the completed form to Mrs. Schoonover (office B 319, office hours 12 a.m.-2 p.m.). It will then be signed, and you can collect it there later.

The retry exams are now graded. For the results, please see the board in front of office B 317.

Some supplementary texts for the lecture.

Announcement of lecture.

Responsible for the organization of the tutorials: Dr. Jan Swoboda (office hours: after the tutorials and by appointment).


All participants need to register electronically for their tutorials.

time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8 – 10
10 – 12 lecture
Prof. Bernhard Leeb, Ph.D.
room B005
Prof. Bernhard Leeb, Ph.D.
room B005
12 – 14 tutorial
Dr. Jan Swoboda
room B133
14 – 16 tutorial
Daniel Atzberger
room B133
16 – 18 tutorial
Dr. Jan Swoboda
room B133

Recommended textbooks

(1) A. Kosinski, Differential manifolds, Dover, 1993.

(2) J. M. Lee, Introduction to smooth manifolds, Springer, 2003.

(3) F. Warner, Foundations of differentiable manifolds and Lie groups, Springer, 1983.

(4) S. Kobayashi, K. Nomizu, Foundations of differential geometry, Wiley, 1963.

(5) K. Jänich, Vector analysis, Springer, 1992.


In the tutorials we discuss in smaller groups the solutions to the exercise sheets and answer your questions concerning the material presented in the lectures. You are strongly advised to work out the exercises and hand in your solutions, and to actively participate in the tutorials. The weekly exercise sheet will be put on this webpage on Mondays and is to be returned by Monday, 12 a.m. s.t. the week after. Please hand in your solution (with your name and the tutorial written on it) in the letter boxes near the library. The corrected exercise sheets will be returned one week later in the tutorials.

Registration for the tutorials

In addition to the lectures, you are recommended to take part in one of the weekly tutorials. It is required that you register electronically for the tutorials: online registration.

Exercise sheets

exercise sheet submission date
exercise sheet 01 Mo. 30.10.2017
exercise sheet 02 Mo. 06.11.2017
exercise sheet 03 Mo. 13.11.2017
exercise sheet 04 Mo. 20.11.2017
exercise sheet 05 Mo. 27.11.2017
exercise sheet 06 Mo. 04.12.2017
exercise sheet 07 Mo. 11.12.2017
exercise sheet 08 Mo. 18.12.2017
exercise sheet 09 Mo. 08.01.2018
exercise sheet 10 Mo. 15.01.2018
exercise sheet 11 Mo. 22.01.2018
exercise sheet 12Mo. 29.01.2018
exercise sheet 13 Mo. 05.02.2018

Correction of exercise sheets

The exercise sheets are to be handed in by Monday. They will be corrected by the student tutor Daniel Atzberger and returned in the tutorials in the following week. Please state clearly on each exercise sheet your name and the tutorial you are registered for. For any questions concerning the corrections, please contact the student tutor.

Tutor e-mail office hours
Daniel Atzberger daniel.atzberger'at' after the tutorials and by appointment

Final exam

The final exam will take place on Friday 2018/02/09, 2 p.m. c.t. The exam will take place in lecture hall B138 in the Mathematical Institute. Please follow the subsequent guidelines.

The retry exam will take place on Friday 2018/23/03, 10 a.m. c.t. The retry exam will take place in lecture hall B005 in the Mathematical Institute.

Guidelines for the exam and the retry exam

- All students are permitted to both the exam and the retry exam. Only exception: If you have successfully taken part in the exam then you are not allowed to take the retry exam. Similarly, if you passed an earlier exam on the same course, then you are in general neither permitted to the exam nor to the retry exam.

- For both exams you will need to register electronically. Registration for the retry exam opens in early March.

- Please have your student ID and an official photo ID ready.

- Duration of both exams: 120 minutes.

- Permitted tools: only writing equipment (we will distribute paper), in particular no notes, books or any electronic devices.