Vorlesung: Funktionalanalysis II (FA2) (WiSe 2015/16)

Exam Information:

Exam: Written exam (schriftliche Klausur), 120 min.

Date: February 6th 2016.

Time: 9.30-11.30.

Place: B 005.

Exam content/examination material (Prüfungsstoff):
Lectures up until and including Lecture on February 3rd 2016 and Exercise Sheets (Übungsblätter) and their solutions up until and including Sheet 14 (solutions discussed February 5th 2016).

Rules: You are allowed to bring 1 (one) two-sided HANDWRITTEN cheat sheet (Spickzettel): a piece of A4-paper on which you have written (on both sides) whatever you think might be useful for the Klausur/exam. Anyone with a (partially or entirely) printed/photo copied cheat sheet will be expelled from the exam. You may not bring anything else (apart from pens/pencils), i.e., no books, notes from class, homework, solutions to homework, mobile phones etc. Examination booklet and extra paper will be provided. Put your name on every sheet you wish to hand in, and write readable.

Language (Sprache): You may write your answers in English or in German (but not a mix!).

Signing up (Anmeldung): Via email from your LMU-account to gottwald-at-math.lmu.de.

Copy and paste the following and fill in all the needed data (for explanation, see end of page):











Deadline (for signing up): February 1st 2016, 12.00 (noon) (no exceptions!)

Re-exam (Nachholprüfung): Students who fail the exam on February 6th (and only those (apart from the ones with a medical attest that they were sick)) will be offered a re-exam.
This will be an oral exam of 45min. ('Eine mündliche Prüfung von 45min').
It will take place Thursday February 18th.

!!! The maximal possible grade/mark at the re-exam will be 'passed' (4,0) !!!

If you fail (on February 6th) and if you want a make-up exam/re-exam, then send an email from your LMU-account to gottwald-at-math.lmu.de.
Deadline: Tuesday February 16th, 12.00 (noon). (Your will get your time-slot by email.)

(Explanation data:
'Mtknr.' = 'Matrikulationsnummer'/Immatriculation number (LMU).
'Studiengang': Mathematik, TMP, Wirtschaftsmathematik etc.
'PO-Version': Prüfungsordnungs-version (Jahr/year) (TMP has only one).
'HF/NF': Hauptfach/Nebenfach - for which one should course count?
'Abschl.': Master or Bachelor- for which one should course count?
'Buchungsstelle': Mathematik. Physik, TMP, anders; 'Masterstudenten geben bitte an als welches Modul die Veranstaltung verbucht werden soll'.)


Letzte Änderung: 25 February 2016 (no more updates).

Thomas Østergaard Sørensen

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