Mini-course: Elliptic regularity by means of pseudodifferential calculus (SoSe 2012)

Lecturer: Thierry Jecko, University Cergy-Pontoise, France.

Synopsis: We are interested in the smoothness of solutions of some PDEs with smooth coefficients. After a short presentation of distributions' theory, we shall introduce tools to prepare the construction of the pseudodifferential calculus, then develop this calculus and define the notion of ellipticity. We shall use this calculus to show regularity results for solutions of elliptic PDEs. Finally, depending on the time left, we shall see an application of these tools for some particular elliptic PDE with irregular coefficients.

For: Students of Mathematics, Wirtschaftsmathematik, and physics (Bachelor, Master, PhD), TMP-Master.

Time and place:

Date Day       Time      Room
28.06.2012     Thursday 14:15--16:00 B 045
29.06.2012 Friday 14:15--16:00 B 251
04.07.2012 Wednesday 14:15--16:00 B 101
05.07.2012 Thursday 14:15--16:00 B 045

Curriculum Vitae