Department Mathematik



Yorck Sommerhäuser


Vertex algebras and conformal field theory

  • Winter semester 1999/2000
  • Time: Tue 11:15 am
  • Room: 134
  • Planning session: Friday, July 30, 1:30 pm, Room 251
  • Course number: 16214
  • Contents: Vertex algebras are algebraic structures that are designed to set the formalism of conformal field theory in physics onto a rigorous mathematical foundation. During the investigation of these structures, there appeared astonishing connections to other areas of mathematics, for example to the theory of finite simple groups or the theory of Hopf algebras. The great interest that arose for this comparatively new fields has manifested itself in the award of the fields medal to R. Borcherds for his contributions to the theory of vertex algebras in 1998.

    The seminar is addressed to students of mathematics and physics after their Vordiplom. The seminar is based on the book:

    V. Kac: Vertex Algebras for Beginners
    University Lecture Notes Series, Vol. 10
    American Mathematical Society
    Providence, USA

  • Seminar program