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Linux on the IPC Topnote H

The following hints have helped me in installing SuSE LINUX 7.1. They deviate slightly from the hints on other internet pages concerning this laptop. I recommend to look at these pages nonetheless, as they describe the configuration using SaX2, which did not work in my case. I recommend the following procedure for the installation of XFree86:
  1. Install the LINUX-Loader LILO in the Master Boot Record (MBR). (This description is based on this procedure, which is discouraged in the installation instruction.)
  2. During the setup with YaST2, do not configure X11. (If you did this nonetheless, you can kill the X-Server with Control-Alt-Backspace.)
  3. Configure LILO using YaST. Delete the Append-line.
  4. Open the file /etc/lilo.conf with an editor, e.g., emacs or vi, and replace the vga-line by the line "vga=791".
  5. Run /sbin/lilo.
  6. Reboot the system by entering "reboot" or "shutdown -r now". Now, the letters should be smaller than in earlier boot processes, and you should see a penguin in the upper left corner of the screen.
  7. During this reboot, or at least before starting the X-server, assign in the BIOS 4 MB to the graphics controller.
  8. From the SuSE-CD, install from X-server series the X-server that is specificly designed for the use with framebuffers.
  9. Start SaX by using the option -s to choose the X-server specificly designed for the use with framebuffers; in particular, do not use the SVGA-server.
Already before I configured XFree86, I had problems, which I treated in the following way:
  • YaST2 could not resize my WindowsMe partition. To resolve this, I bought the (commercial) program "PartitionMagic 6.0".
  • During the installation with YaST2, an error occured when the basic system started, which took me back to the linuxrc menue. I think that the right choice in this situation is to select the item "Boot installed system".
I bought the laptop in March 2001. It has the following data:
  1. Processor: Intel Celeron 700 MHz
  2. Monitor: 14-Zoll LCD TFT-screen
  3. Graphics controller: SIS 630 (Manufacturer: Silicon Integrated Systems)
Other LINUX users have also written internet pages on this notebook, which have helped me a lot. Here are those that I am aware of: The following pages contain general information concerning LINUX on notebooks: Please note that these hints come without any warranty for their correctness.
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