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Linux on the HP Pavilion ZV 6000

The following hints are concerned exclusively with modem configuration under SuSE Linux 9.3. Here one has to deviate from the configuration suggested by YaST and install a driver manufactured by Linuxant. I am indebted to Erich Schubert, who is also the source for several other hints below, for this important remark.

Some general remarks at the beginning:

  1. The HP Pavilion ZV6000 is sold in several versions; the precise type of my notebook is ZV6017EA.
  2. This particular notebook comes with an AMD-Sempron microprocessor with a 32-bit architecture. Problems are reported with AMD-Athlon processors with 64-bit architecture.
  3. The notebook contains an ATI soft modem with a Conexant-HSF chipset. Informations about this you can obtain with the command "lspci -v" by comparison with "lspci -nv". In this way, one finds the following data for my notebook:
    • Vendor ID: 1002 (ATI)
    • Device ID: 4378
    • SubVendor ID: 103c (Hewlett-Packard)
    • SubDevice ID: 3085
    • Revision: 01
    Further interesting information can be found by using the command "hwinfo". All these command should be entered as root.
  4. After configuring the modem with YaST, /dev/modem is a symbolic link to /dev/ttyS3. That this is the case is a strong hint that the configuration is not working yet. The correct interface, /dev/ttySHSF0, does not exist in this configuration.
To configure the modem, I now suggest the following:
  1. Find out the precise kernel version by entering "uname -r" into a shell. My kernel version is; it appears that at the moment there are problems from version 2.6.12 on.
  2. Download the correct driver from as a gzip RPM-archive.
  3. Follow the installation instructions by Linuxant, i.e., unzip the RPM-archive as root and install the arising file with the command rpm -i file.rpm
I was already experiencing problems before I configured the modem, so that I boot with the option acpi=oldboot. Whether this affects the modem configuration, I cannot tell.

The following web pages contains further information concerning Linux on the HP Pavilion ZV6000:

The following pages contain general information concerning LINUX on notebooks, and in particular modem problems: Please note that these hints come without any warranty for their correctness.
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